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Fifth Quarter Fresh is a fresh, natural high-performance post-workout recovery drink.  Made using milk from "super, natural" cows, Fifth Quarter Fresh is free of chemicals and preservatives.


Our pasteurization process preserves the benefits of the 20 grams of protein. Packed with superior nutrients, Fifth Quarter Fresh combines the best of protein drinks with an outstanding formula for rehydration, including unsurpassed levels of calcium plus Vitamins A and D.


Naturally balanced. As fresh as nature can provide. Get strong. Get Fifth Quarter Fresh.

YOU TRAIN HARD Give your body what it needs to make the most out of your workout. Give it Fifth Quarter Fresh.


20 grams



5 grams


810 mg



410 mg


70% RDA



25% RDA


Repair and build new muscle with fast-absorbed (whey) and slow-absorbed (casein) protein that provide amino acids for hours.

Restore fluids in your body with 10 times the potassium and 2 times the sodium of the leading electrolyte drinks.

Protect your bones and build or maintain density with the pure calcium and vitamin D that only fresh milk can provide.

"Super, Natural" Cows

One secret to producing the highest quality milk is using the best cows. Our milk naturally contains higher amounts (40% more!) of protein, electrolytes and calcium than the milk typically found in stores. Because we have the highest quality standards and we pasteurize without exposing the milk to ultra-high temperatures, your body can make the maximum use of these nutrients. Fifth Quarter Fresh is nutrition the way nature intended!

SUPERIOR NUTRITION FOR ELITE ATHLETES Champion performances are fueled by the best nutrients. Build, rehydrate and protect with Fifth Quarter Fresh.


Bucknell University signs three-year agreement to provide Fifth Quarter Fresh to athletes as its premier sports recovery drink

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5th Quarter Fresh is the new season sponsor for Racine Multisports.

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